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Dr. Sandra Garrett

is passionate about listening to “the voice of the patient”. When she accepted a faculty appointment at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Dallas, she immediately applied for and was awarded a grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services to study methodologies for enabling health professionals to treat patients more humanistically. This research layed the foundation for studying such phenomena as White Coat Hypertension and how patients’ interactions with health care providers can have a profound effect on physiologic states such as blood pressure and heart rate.

In 1986, Dr. Garrett founded Medifacts International, the first service company offering 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring to pharmaceutical companies in support of the development of antihypertensive medications. For nearly 20 years, Dr. Garrett served as the company’s President and CEO which pioneered the use of 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and ambulatory 12-lead electro-cardiogram (Holter) monitoring in clinical trials. During that time, Dr. Garrett also served as the co-principal investigator with Raymond Lipicky, MD, past director of the Division of Cardio-Renal Drug Products of the USFDA, under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA). The research led to the development of analytics for assessing the effectiveness of medications across the prescribed dosing schedules. These critical analytics, related to circadian rhythms and QT prolongation, are used in the drug approval process for multiple classes of drugs where blood pressure and heart rate variability are surrogate end points.

Dr. Garrett then cofounded Global Research Services, a full service clinical research organization, specializing in the development of cardiovascular drugs and devices with offices in China, India and Europe. During that time she also served on the board of the Association for Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO) dedicated to safe, ethical, high quality medical research.

Dr. Garrett also provided management oversight of an electronic medical records company (Global Record Systems) which had as its goal the development of an electronic medical records platform used specifically for clinical trialsCurrently, Dr. Garrett serves as the CEO for MediMergent LLC., a company she co-founder in 2014, that focuses on the collection and analysis of data related to safety, outcomes, adherence, comparative effectiveness, and REMS of newly approved drugs and devices. Dr. Garrett also serves as the co-principal investigator with Norman Stockbridge, MD, Ph.D., the director of the Division of Cardiovascular and Renal Drug Products of the USFDA, under a Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) focused on the use of disruptive technologies for the collection of patient center data related to drug safety. Coming full cycle in her professional career, Dr. Garrett has help to build and deploy the National Medication Safety Outcomes and Adherence Program which captures data in “the voice of the patient.”Dr. Garrett has been an invited speaker at over 100 industry forums and for three years served as co-chair with Peter Milner, M.D. for the annual New Paradigms to Fund Life Science Innovations, conducted during the JP Morgan Health Care Conference.

She was a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the area of Life Sciences, and a three-time honoree by Women in Bio (WIB) for notable women entrepreneurs in life sciences. SmartCEO selected Dr. Garrett as one of the top 50 businesswomen in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Garrett holds a Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts and a MBA from the University of Dallas. She is the author of multiple publications related to clinical trials methodologies.